The Basement 2.0 have launched a REFERRAL PROGRAM! Get a friend to join and you WIN!

Whether you’re a current member who loves our classes and wants to share the love or someone who is looking for SAVINGS, the referral program is a simple way to earn free membership. It’s easy; just make sure we know that you have referred someone, and we will reward you with free membership when they become a member.

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1: Get your friend, workmate, partner or family member to join Basement 2.0. This can be after they have completed their 2 week free trial.

Step 2: When they join up at reception, they must fill out the Referral Program Form. They will confirm you have referred them on this form.

Step 3: You will receive ONE FREE WEEK of Membership for every person you join up.

Step 4: We will email you to confirm your free week has been added to your membership.

All Members can win the membership. Referred Members must join on the Direct Debit plan or if paying upfront they must join for at least 3 months. Terms and Conditions Apply. Offer available from 20 April 2018.

Need help explaining what we do? We can help with that!

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